Sunday, February 10, 2008

E-Trade Baby Trading

OK folks, I've finally gotten around to kick-starting this site. Can't promise my post frequency will be anything to write home, er... blog about, but I will do my darnedest to put out some Good and Bad Commercials for you every now and then.

This year's SuperBowl commercials ran about as hot and cold as the Giants offense. The spots from E-Trade were Eli Manning 2-minute drill-esque. Got your attention right away with a talking baby (those never get old -- rememeber Baby Bob from Quiznos?) Really drove home the point that using E-Trade is so easy a baby could do it. And gave us just enough adult humor (again, not the most original but who isn't mesmerized by clowns) to give the brand a little edginess. In my mind, E-Trade won the CommercialBowl this year - no kidding. Who was your fave? Cast your vote in the poll on the right rail ------>

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